In the Cards

Erin Bormett, Hailey Hofer, and Liv Paggiarino

We finished at about 1:30am. Delirious yet exhausted, we ended the night with a group hug. It was a big project, much bigger than any of us were really expecting it to be. I think it's always hard when you realize how much work goes into making a couple of 2-3 minute videos. But, of course, once you've put so much effort into getting the story and filming, it has to be perfect. I'm so happy with how our multimedia package turned out. I also loved working with Erin and Liv. We were all very passionate about telling this story as best as we possibly could, and I think that really shows in the end product.   

Self Critique:

I'm very proud of the piece that Liv, Erin, and I were able to create. It took a lot of planning and creativity, especially once we decided to make a more interpretive video of what might go on in our subject's head. I think we did great with the interpretive video, same with the the doc video. However, I feel like our doc video ended up pretty repetitive, even after cutting down a lot of it before we decided to export. The audio wasn't completely perfect, but overall, I feel really confident in what we created. I'm so happy we got a client that was okay with us filming a reading-- truly, if we did not have that b-roll, our video would have not turned out as well since a lot of the b-roll we got the first time we interviewed our subject got repetitive since it was a lot of detail shots. Liv and I worked hard to get the doc video looking nice, and Erin worked so hard on the infographic and text. The team worked really well together, which made the entire experience really enjoyable. Overall, I'm really proud of the work we accomplished.