So this essay comes from a Columbia-based photographer. I love the idea of this essay. The photographer photographed people over the age of 100 and photographed them in a way where the viewer may not be 100% sure what they are looking at. The project first began when a 101-year-old woman asked the photographer to photograph her in the nude. After doing so, the photographer realized that this could be a really cool project. The photographer utilizes the studio setup to play with shadows and texture of the aged skin. To be honest, this project freaked me out to begin with. The images can be startling since they're so intimate with a subject that I'm not entirely used to seeing in such a way. But then I came to realize that this is kind of the point of the project. It is addressing the fear of growing old and becoming wrinkly in a world so used to botox and maintaining perfect appearances. The images are made in an abstract way to keep the viewer guessing on what they are viewing.