"Birth Control You Own Adventure"

I stumbled upon this multimedia piece on Facebook the other day. I'm a big fan of the NYTimes Op-Doc videos already, but truly think this is one of my favorite ones yet. It is an illustrative piece to this women's real struggle of figuring out her body on birth control. It is emotional, even without human imagery. The story is strong and the illustrations carry the piece incredibly well. I watched this and really felt the pain of the subject, although I have never gone through anything like what she has. I feel like it's so important to find a strong central character for multimedia stories, because they're voice really has to convince the viewer of their struggle compared to stills where we get the opportunity to frame the story in the best way for the audience to understand. This is why asking the right questions is so important and why starting early on projects is important--so you can find great storytellers like the woman in this video. And yes, I know that the woman who made the video is sharing her own story, but nonetheless, I think the importance of starting early and finding the right subject for your story is still the same.