Group Project Ideas


Girl Culture- evaluate the girl culture of today by following a young girl (high school? middle school?). See how social media plays a role in young girls' lives today. Try to understand why young girls today are much more pulled together and polished compared to when we were their age. Does social media play a role? Must one always be photo ready? A very Lauren Greenfield kind of story. 

Mother/child relationship- I find relationships between people incredibly fascinating. I think a multimedia piece on a relationship between a mother and her child would be very interesting. This would entail documenting their morning routine together, their opinions of one another, their daily routine and overall interactions with one another. 

Father/son relationship- Flipping the switch on the last topic, this topic also interests me. I would love to find an athlete who's father pushes them really hard to perform their best. Documenting their interactions and daily routines with one another would be pretty interesting in my opinion. If the son was resentful towards the father's pushy behavior when it comes to sports that could provide some interesting conflict in the story as well.