I Waited 96 Years

Katie Falkenberg


For an example of a great multimedia piece, I chose this video from the LA Times. The story of Velva Stone is already very strong-- her mother was a suffragette, and she herself was born just seven years before women had the right to vote-- but the details that the b-roll bring to the table push the story to be even strong. While growing up, other suffragette women were in her home so Stone learned a lot from them. Stone has long awaited the moment to vote for a female presidential candidate, and when she finally has the opportunity, Hillary Clinton loses. I chose this story because it has a strong central character with a very interesting past, and the way that the journalist pieced together her interview with the details of the Hillary Clinton memorabilia pushed the story line of just how much Stone cared that a women was finally a presidential candidate. My favorite detail shot is of Stone's table a photo/magazine cover of Hillary Clinton along with a couple of cookies. This paired with the stitched "A women's place is in the White House" show that she really is a little old lady who is very politically aware--even at the age of 103.