Mughli: The Lonely Mother

 Altaf Qadri

I've seen so many examples of successful picture stories during my study of photojournalism so it was hard not to immediately pull up one that I have seen in class before. I wanted to search for something new to me, but powerful. I do not know how I came across the work of Altaf Qadri, but found his story on Mughli to be very visually moving. The story follows a Kashmiri woman whose young son was disappeared in Kashmir. She became one of the first members of the Association Of Parents Of Disappeared Persons (APDP). I chose this story because of the visual variety it offers as well as the great representation of the toll that her son's disappearance has had on her life. This piece shows how important it is to spend a large chunk of time with your subject in order to get powerful imagery.